About Us

In West Philadelphia, born and raised, on my front porch sketching most of my days... Hi! My name is Suzette Reid Royster, aka PhillyGirlArtist! PGA was birthed out of unimaginable grief from the loss of my big brother musician extraordinaire Al Reid. In trying to cope with reality, I began to paint playfully and it was not long before I was hooked! I utilized art as a tool to deal with grief and rediscovered a love I thought was long lost. Using Youtube, I have built on my innate gifts. Pain can produce beauty on canvas! Over the past few months I have been driven to the art to express my emotions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the uprisings for racial justice during the summer and the ongoing political turmoil in the country. Yet in the midst of all this, Black struggle, I found inspiration in Black Love, Black Beauty, and the Black Body which helped to bring me Black Joy. I hope my pieces speak to the fullest expression of being black in America from Black Love to Black Rage and everything in between.